shannon. Photographer.

Photographer. Poet. Herbalist. Nutritionist. Mother.


I started photography as a hobby while in undergrad around the same time I had just had my daughter, in 2007. I never intended to fall in love with it the way I did. I just wanted to take nice photos of my beautiful baby girl, but being in the art circles I was in, many of my friends quickly began teaching me how to actually USE my camera, and I begin to get better over time after much practice. 

The one thing I heard from everyone, teachers and other photographers I would shoot with, is "you have a good eye." I had no idea what that meant in the beginning. But I owned it. I discovered what it meant was that  I saw detail well. And that is what has defined my style. I love shooting details. And I love creating lifetime memories for people in the form of photographs that can both be hung on the wall as well as shared on social media. I'd love to photograph your portraits or wedding.