Balloons in Springtime

So before the weather started acting shady and forgetting which season its supposed to be, spring was in full force. My spring energy was rising and I jut wanted to shoot. I happened to pass by a ballon shop and I got the idea to do a shoot with balloons. It was practice for sure, and I had a great location in mind, so I went and spent (too much) money on balloons and grabbed my daughter and went off to shoot.

I started with about 20 balloons or so, and by the end of the day had about 3 left. It was windy so they would blow, hit a sharp blade of grass and pop. Or it would somehow slip through my fingers and fly far far away with a heavy gust of wind. I definitely next round need to figure out a better system to keeping the balloons from such untimely death.

So you'll notice half of these photos don't have balloons...that is why! are some shots from this beautiful spring day at the beginning of this month.