Karah's Maternity Session

So Karah is scheduled to be induced today actually. These photos were taken yesterday, literally at the last moments of her pregnancy. We talked a lot about enjoying these few moments, and how much things will change after the baby arrives. We decided to do this maternity session as a lifestyle session. Rather than loads of posed shots, we wanted to capture the everyday moments. What was your life like while you were pregnant? What parts of it do you want to remember? So that what these photos capture. A few random, or not so random, moments around the house, just being...

The apples were really funny you guys. Like for real. ;-)


Can't wait to meet the baby later this week!

Charlene *Maternity*

Fall is fickle here with the weather. But we lucked out in finding a beautiful, not too cold day to venture out into nature for these maternity shots...


Calvin and Monique *Maternity*

Carrying a baby already appropiately named Camden, taking a trip to Camden Yards for Maternity portraits was the perfect location to shoot this session. It was game day, and the crowds were out in full. Despite that, we were able to capture some beautiful images. Can't wait to meet this little guy...